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Baltic-Thailand Medical Rehabilitation Centre invites you to visit Thai Massage Centre at 8a Bruninieku Street, Riga, where top-of-the-class medical specialists from Thailand. Trained in the unique and sophisticated art of Thai massage will help you revitalize your body and spirit.

To make reservations prior to your visit, please use telephone number 67228894.

Traditional Thai Massage has nothing in common with the massage offered as a popular entertainment at tourist centres in Thailand.

One of the main targets of Thai Medical Massage is revitalizing the inner balance of the body, anti-stress treatment and complete relaxation.

Regular Thai system massage therapy restores general balance of muscular groups, relieves pain, improves flexibility of joints and corrects your posture.

Traditional Thai Massage is the legend of the East and the most thorough massage ever known made here by graduates of the world-famous Institute of Bangkok.

In our Riga branch we offer more than 12 kinds of Thai Massage. All the essential components, such as oils, aroma fragrances, herbs and ointments, are brought from Thailand.

The aim of Traditional Thai Massage is curing joints malfunction, improving muscle flexibility, regulating blood flow and correcting body posture. The methods include stretching: in their work, the masseuses and masseurs use not only their hands, but also elbows, knees and feet.

Traditional Thai Massage, besides curing problem zones, rejuvenates your body and restores its natural stamina.

Those who have experienced it once will seek the heavenly feeling again and again.

One Queen’s Massage procedure takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The girls of the East are famous for their everlasting beauty. Their secret is in regular application of rejuvenating magic of Thai massage. This unique treatment ensures utmost harmony of body and spirit powers.

The methods of Thai Massage are described in Buddhist texts written about 2,500 years ago and were used at that time in Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

We invite you to visit our Traditional Thai Massage Centre and promise that your time and money will not be wasted.

Thai music accompanying all the massage procedures will help you forget all earthly trouble and feel soothed and fully relaxed. Just close your eyes - and you are far away.

It is a kind of performance, art, a religious rite.

We look forward to meeting you at our Thai Massage Centre at 8a Bruninieku Street in Riga.

Telephone number 67228894.

Massage center will be opened also on Sunday from 10:00 till 19:00 starting from 1st October per our clients request and for their convenience.


Type of massage Time Price, LVL Price, EUR Commentary
Facial massage 45 m 21,09 30  
1 h 24,60 35  
Foot massage 1 h 24,60 35  
Foot massage – head, shoulders, hands and feet 1 h 30 m 35,15 50  
Classical Thai massage 1 h 35,15 50  
1 h 30 m 42,17 60  
2 h 45,60 65  
Big Classical Thai massage 2 h 20 m 52,72 75 thai + step
Queen's massage 3 h 63,26 90 thai + step + herb
Oil massage 1 h 35,15 50 with oils
1 h 30 m 42,17 60
2 h 45,69 65
Slim-massage 30 m 31,63 45 for loss of weight + creams
50 m 42,17 60
Express massage – head, shoulders and back 1 h 24,60 35  
Slim-relax-massage 1 h 30 m 63,26 90 for loss of weight + creams
Scrub massage 2 h 56,23 80 with scrub
Ph./fax: +371 67 22 88 94